"How's It Going to Be" is a song by the American rock band Third Eye Blind, featured on their 1997 self titled album. The b-side a non-album track "Horror Show" written by guitarist Kevin Cadogan and vocalist Stephan Jenkins. According to Jenkins, the song deals with the trauma of the ending of a relationship and how the transition from friends to acquaintances is a brutal one. It is one of the few songs by the band to feature an autoharp. [1]

Released as a single, "How's It Going to Be" reached #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in the United States, proving to be the band's third Top 10 single, following the success of "Semi-Charmed Life" and "Jumper".[2]

The song was performed by the band during their appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Song meaning Edit

"How's It Going to Be' started with an autoharp that Kevin was playing. It's an antique instrument, and it inspired a nostalgic, emotional condition in me. And the lyrics really came out of that very quickly. It deals with a question that we ask ourselves whenever a relationship ends: What does that mean? What it means is that you are no longer intimate, and the transition from friends to acquaintances is a brutal one. Because it reminds us, I think, of all the things ending. 'How's it gonna be/When you don't know me?' There's not an answer to that question."
- Stephan Jenkins

Track listing Edit

  1. "How's It Going to Be" - 4:13 Lyrics [3]
  2. "Horror Show" - 4:00


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