Out of the Vein is Third Eye Blind's third album, released on May 13, 2003. Frontman Stephan Jenkins wanted the album to be called Crystal Baller, but the album's name was changed as the rest of the group didn't like the name.[1] The album had a strong debut at #12 on the Billboard 200 with 63,000 copies sold in its first week[2] and many quotations from the band remarking on their happiness with the album.

By the time the band released 2003's Out of the Vein, Elektra Records was in the midst of being absorbed into Atlantic Records, and Jenkins contends the group was not a priority. "I worked really hard on Out of the Vein," he said, "Elektra was imploding as we were making it, so we didn't make a video and didn't do a marketing campaign, but as far as critics go, it was my best-reviewed album."

Jenkins said of the group's previous work: "The first two albums were like two parts of the same piece. We've had a hiatus. This is a new beginning. We're developing a songbook that's getting richer."[3]

Track listingEdit

  1. "Faster" – 3:32
  2. "Blinded" – 4:22
  3. "Forget Myself" – 4:13
  4. "Danger" – 3:12
  5. "Crystal Baller" – 4:15
  6. "My Hit and Run" – 4:22
  7. "Misfits" – 4:19
  8. "Can't Get Away" – 3:46
  9. "Wake for Young Souls" – 4:37
  10. "Palm Reader" – 4:54
  11. "Self Righteous" – 6:18
  12. "Company" – 3:54
  13. "Good Man" / "Another Life" (hidden track) – 9:24
  14. "My Time in Exile" (Japanese release only) - 3:17


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