Ursa Major is the upcoming fourth studio album from American Alternative rock band Third Eye Blind. Originally scheduled to be released on June 23,2009.[1][2] The album's release has sinnce been pushed back to August 18 for reasons not specifically identified.[3] When released, Ursa Major will be the first studio album from the band in over six years. The first single off the album is "Don't Believe A Word" and it was first played on the radio June 5, 2009.


Ursa Major has been in the works since shortly after 2003's Out of the Vein, with first suggestions of its release dating back to 2006. The working title of the album was The Hideous Strength, after similarly named C.S. Lewis' book.[4] Frontman Stephan Jenkins had been suffering from writer's block which slowed down the album's writing process.[5] According to Jenkins, the album's name was subsequently changed to Ursa Major because "...We’ve been hibernating and now we’ve awakened and we are hungry for spring and we want to feed and we want to thrive."[5] Another album, Ursa Minor, is scheduled to follow Ursa Major at some point and will include songs that were recorded during the Ursa Major sessions.[2][5]

Track listingEdit

  1. "Can You Take Me"
  2. "Don't Believe A Word"
  3. "Bonfire"
  4. "Sharp Knife"
  5. "One in Ten"
  6. "About to Break"
  7. "Summer Town"
  8. "Why Can't You Be"
  9. "Water Landing"
  10. "Dao of St. Paul"
  11. "Monotov's Private Opera"
  12. "Carnival Barker"


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